Services & Rates



Our emotional and physical states change on a day to day basis. What you need today may be different than what you will need tomorrow. I offer customized massages that are based on your specific needs.

I traditionally offer specific clinical-based deep tissue treatments that incorporate myofascial release, myoskeletal alignment techniques, NeuroKinetic Therapy™, trigger point work, sports massage, visceral massage and when needed, kinesio tape, while also promoting stress reduction and relaxation. With that in mind, we will always work together to make sure you are getting the massage that you need.

I have a private practice in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  Your massage will take place in my private studio space designed specifically to promote rest and relaxation.

I look forward to working with you!




Massage Rates

At many massage establishments, tips are how practitioners earn their living. Mujō Wellness has always maintained a NO tipping policy. The rates charged are assessed routinely in order to maintain a sustainable living wage. Thank you for your patronage.

60 Min  · $100
90 Min  · $150

Cash, Checks and all major Credit Cards are accepted (including HSA & FSA cards). Cash and Checks are preferred. Checks can be made out to: Mujō Wellness LLC