NeuroKinetic Therapy™


NeuroKinetic Therapy™ is both an assessment and treatment-based technique that utilizes manual muscle testing to assess if a muscle is firing properly by itself or in coordination with other muscles.

The NKT protocol is used to address the motor control center in the cerebellum, which coordinates and stores all movement programs. When a muscle test fails, the motor control center is opened to new learning. The NKT protocol actually re-programs the dysfunctional routines stored in the motor control center. This allows us to treat the cause of dysfunction instead of the symptoms. This use of manual muscle testing is combined with massage therapy techniques to provide the most effective treatment.

I am currently an NKT Level 1 & 2 Certified Practitioner based in Boulder, Colorado. Anyone interested in incorporating NKT into their session for the first time must start with a 90 minute session to allow time for muscle testing as well as a massage therapy session.  Once the first session is complete, we can then reassess and determine which session length is appropriate based on your needs and affordability.

I look forward to working with you!